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Equipment: Powder Recovery Booth
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Recovery Plant
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-07-27
Main Features: Efficiency upto 96% TO 98% Booth made from CRCA Sheets duly coated with powder coating liquid paints to ensure rust-free surfaces for many years. The Cyclone constructed from fresh CRCA sheets and painted to provide a smooth surface for proper powder flow in the cyclone chamber. The cyclone structure built using a unique ''break-down''design enabling quick and complete cleaning for fast color change. Ideal Powder Recovery Booth when using a large number of colors with frequent Color changes. Flexible interconnections between Booth and Cyclone. Totally maintenance-free for years of faultless performance.
Description: AMI Cyclone type POWDER COATING BOOTHS forms the backbone of efficient Powder Coating Paint shop based on the Conventional Cyclone dust Collection Systems,the AMI Powder Coating Booths have been specially designed for the Powder Coaters of today.
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